IBM MobileFirst

Build, test, run and manage mobile apps

With our in depth experience of IBM MobileFirst we can help you implement high value solutions that connect people, systems and processes together.

IBM MobileFirst helps you extend your business to mobile devices. It is designed to provide an open, comprehensive platform to build, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native mobile apps. IBM MobileFirst can help you reduce both app development and maintenance costs, improve time-to-market and enhance mobile app governance and security.

With IBM MobileFirst you can:

  • Support multiple mobile operating environments and devices with the simplicity of a single, shared code base.
  • Connect and synchronize with enterprise data, applications and cloud services.
  • Safeguard mobile security at the device, application and network layer.
  • Govern your mobile app portfolio from a central interface.
We at Point Alliance can demonstrate how to transform your company's mobile needs into a strategic asset. Learn about how a strong mobile presence can optimize business performance, increase revenue growth, enhance productivity, lower total cost of ownership, and most importantly, positively affect your bottom line.